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Main Dish

King Prawn and Garlic
Grill king prawn with garlic butter bath, serve with parmesan cream rice, sautéed enoki mushroom, Broccoli and green peas.

The Ultimate Beef Rendang
Braised beef for 4 hours in Rendang spice, spinach, sauted egg rice, sambal ijo.

Bebek Crispy OMMA
Triple Process Cooking Duck, serve with long bean mekalas, taluh pindang, fried peanut, steamed rice and sambal.


The OMMA Pizza
A signature Bali Prawn pizza from Omma


Japs Prawn Sandwich
Crispy prawn tempura on mini baguette, katsuobushi and serve with fries

Black Beef Burger
Tasty marinated of beef patty, sesame bun, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, melted of cheese, bacon, fried egg, cocktail sauce, crispy onion ring and serve with fries


Truffle Mac & Cheese
Creamy truffle Macaroni pasta with parmesan cheese gratin


The Monochrome Chocolate
Soft white & dark chocolate mousse on chocolate sable dough, stuffing melt caramelize and berry sauce

Red Berry Cheese Cake
Red glazed cheese cake, cookie crumb, berry sauce

Signature Twist with Local Parts

The Day at Omma
A citrus vodka, lychee liqueur, lychee fruit Kaffir lime, fresh lemon juice and leafage soda Served long over ice in a stem glass

Summer in Tegenungan
Summer concoction with our citrus vodka, honje pineapple jam Coconut water, pineapple liqueur and island spices Served long over ice in a tiki style glass

Many Berries Margarita
Tequila gold blend with mix berries pure, orange liqueur Fresh lemon and touch with local orange saccharum Served frozen over ice in a margarita glass